AA Muffler and Brakes knows how important it is to have a properly functioning A/C unit in your vehicle. Driving without air conditioning in Michigan, especially during hot summer days, can be an uncomfortable experience. Your car’s A/C cools the air coming into your car using three main parts: the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Our technicians can evaluate your car’s interior climate control. If your A/C isn’t working like it should, our staff will look for any issues in the air conditioning unit.

When you bring your vehicle into AA Muffler and Brakes for a faulty A/C system, our technicians will begin by asking what your A/C has been doing (or not doing) that made you want to bring it in for inspection. Then, our staff will start inspecting your car’s air conditioning components. We will assess the compressor drive belt, the serpentine belt, and all accessible parts for cracks, leaks, or damage. Next, we will check the A/C compressor itself for any damage. If none is found, our technicians will remove the refrigerant from the A/C system, vacuum test it, and then recharge the A/C system with the appropriate refrigerant.

AA Muffler and Brakes does not recommend getting an A/C system serviced if leaks or damage are detected during inspection. If our technicians do find cracks, leaks, or any damage in your car’s air conditioning system, we will suggest what steps you can take to get your A/C repaired and running again.

Is your vehicle’s air conditioning not working right? Stop in to AA Muffler and Brakes; our team knows how to help you keep your cool while driving!


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