Must-Do Auto Maintenance - When to Check What

When it comes to auto maintenance, there are things to look for on a monthly basis. Learn what you can keep an eye out for.

Check every month:

Oil Level Add oil if low, and check for leaks

Hoses Replace if bulging, rotten or brittle

Belts  Replace if work, frayed or glazed

Tire Pressure Add air if low

Coolant or Antifreeze Add if low and check for leaks

Air Filter  Replace if dirty

Inspect Tires  For damage, bulges or uneven wear

Check every 3 months:

Oil & Oil Filter Change every 3k miles or as recommend by manufacturer

Windshield Washer Fluid Add fluid if low

Power Steering Fluid Add fluid if low

Transmission Fluid Add fluid if low

Battery Terminals & Cables Clean if corroded

Lights Ensure all lights and turn signals work

Check every 6 months:

Wiper Blades Replace if worn, brittle or smeary

Horn Test and make sure it works

Spare Tire Make sure it's fully inflated

Tire Pressure Add air if low

Exhaust System Inspect for ruse, damage or loose parts

Shocks Inspect for oil seepage or wear