Do You Really Need an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles?

Drivers of all ages are undoubtedly aware that they need to change their engine oil, and if you ask most people how often they should do this, you’ll most frequently hear that it should be done every 3,000 miles. But as technology advances and engines are becoming more efficient, cars can go longer without needing an oil change. So how can you be sure that your changing yours as often as you should?

Regardless of what type of car you have, the oil will need to be changed periodically, as it gets dirty over time due to debris and particulates that can clog the oil filter. With older cars, it’s wise to follow the 3,000 mile philosophy, as it not only keeps your engine healthy, but it also puts your car under the eyes of an expert more frequently, which improves the chances of spotting potential problems before they require an expensive repair.

Newer and more efficient engines can go longer stretches without needing an oil change, but only if you’re using high grade synthetic oils that are designed to last longer. If you’re using standard grade oil in a newer car, then you should still schedule an oil change about once every 3,000 miles. Many drivers find that changing the oil at this frequency is easy to remember, while others see it as a nuisance and would rather do it less frequently. As such, preference is a large factor when determining how often you should change your oil.

No matter how often or seldom you would like to schedule an oil change, you can count on the expert staff at AA Muffler & Brakes to give your car the service and attention it needs at every visit. Our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service, so contact us today to schedule your next oil change!