The Invention of the Muffler

Happy October everyone. At AA Muffler and Brakes, our favorite part about this time of year is the quiet calm of an autumn drive. But without an exhaust muffler, those peaceful drives would be much louder (and much less enjoyable in our opinion). Thankfully, back in 1897, Milton O. and Marshall T. Reeves patented their “exhaust muffler for engines.”  

This exhaust muffler is installed within the exhaust system and is designed to, well, muffle sound. No, not the sound of your vehicle’s exhaust system, but rather the sound of your engine. You see, the bulk of the sound pressure your engine creates while running is funneled through the same piping system as the exhaust gases (which are silent). You know when a passing car needs their muffler fixed immediately because the engine noises are reverberating off the exhaust pipe and making quite the racket. When a car’s muffler is in good condition and working properly, those noises are diminished by a series of passages and chambers. Fiberglass insulated piping, or resonating chambers, are tuned in such a way that they cause destructive interference (opposite sound waves cancelling each other out).

So, while you’re out enjoying a peaceful autumn car ride, remember to thank the Reeves Brothers! And if you’re unable to enjoy such a ride due a broken or damaged muffler, call or stop in to AA Muffler and Brakes today. We’ll get you fixed right up in no time at the lowest price, guaranteed.