Shopping for Tires

Your vehicle’s tires do a lot of work. They move and stop your car, and on rough driving surfaces, they provide a cushion. Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s tires is just as important as regular oil changes and brake checks. So before you start shopping for tires, you should know why you need them. Most of the time, your car is just due for new tires. There are times, however, when you find yourself in need of new tires for other reasons.

Here are three common reasons for needing new tires:

Normal wear and tear

Use the penny test to determine if your tire tread has worn down too far. Place a penny in the groove of your tire tread, with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, you should replace your tires. 

Over- or Under-inflation

Your tires will wear down faster when they have too much, or not enough, air. To determine if your tires’ wear and tear is caused by improper inflation, examine the tread of your tires. If the middle of the tires are more worn out than the edges, they are over-inflated. On the other hand, if the edges are more worn out than the middle, they are under-inflated.  

Problems with alignment, balance, or parts

You may have an alignment problem if one edge of your tire is more worn down than the other, and if it appears “cupped,” your tire may have damaged parts or may not have been properly balanced. 

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