Summer: Return of the Potholes

Summer has returned to Michigan, and with it returns the potholes (let’s be honest though, did they ever really go away?). Potholes occur when water seeps into pavement through cracks and softens the soil underneath. This results in a depression, or even a cave-in, of the street surface. Many potholes form in areas with excessive rainfall and flooding, or during winter and spring due to the freeze-thaw cycles. The fluctuation in weather this last winter and spring has resulted in a lot of that freezing and thawing, which accelerates the formation of potholes.

Hitting a pothole can do a number on your car’s tires, wheels, steering, suspension, and alignment. There’s no sure-fire way to avoid every pothole on the streets, especially here in Michigan, but we can help you determine if a pothole has done any damage to you car.   

  • Signs of damage to the steering and suspension: loss of control, swaying on routine turns, or excessive bouncing on rough roads

  • Signs of alignment damage: uneven wear and tear on your tires or the vehicle pulling to one side instead of driving straight

  • Signs of tire damage: low pressure, bulging on the sides, or dents in the rims

Many people know when they hit a pothole, but knowing what the damage was (if any) is much harder to determine. If you hit a pothole, we recommend taking your car into AA Muffler and Brakes for a free inspection.