How to add Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Keeping windshield wiper fluid in the windshield wiper reservoir is important for reasons than simply keeping your view of the road unobstructed. The washer fluid also serves as lubrication for parts such as the washer fluid pump and hoses. If your washer fluid reservoir is empty, parts of the washer pump can corrode and other plastic parts can start to degrade! That’s why you need to always make sure your windshield washer fluid reservoir has fluid in it. Our team at AA Muffler and Brakes has composed a four-step guide for how to properly add washer fluid to your fluid reservoir.

Before you change your fluid, make sure you are parked on level surface and set the parking brake if you need to. You should always remember to roll up or remove loose clothing and keep your arms away from the cooling fan when you check the washer fluid.

Step One: Pop open your hood and find your windshield washer fluid reservoir — usually the reservoir is a white, translucent container with a windshield/water symbol printed on the cap.  If your car has a rear windshield wiper, be on the lookout for a second reservoir.

Step Two: Remove the cap and check the fluid level. If the reservoir is full, you do not need to add any more washer fluid.

Step Three: If the fluid in the reservoir is low, carefully pour windshield washer fluid into the reservoir until the liquid level almost reaches the top.

Step Four: Replace the cap, pressing down until it pops into place, then close your hood.

There you have it! Four steps to changing your windshield washer fluid! And remember, only put windshield fluid into the windshield washer fluid reservoir. Do not use water in the washer fluid reservoir as it freezes which can damage the reservoir and hoses. During extremely cold weather conditions you should be using low-temperature washer fluid, and don’t fill up the reservoir all the way.