GM's "Road Experience Management"

Existing cameras on General Motors cars could help the automaker draw detailed maps for future self-driving cars, the automaker announced January 5th.

GM said the technology, which it’s developing with Mobileye and will be called “Road Experience Management,” would use existing cameras and OnStar systems to upload “crowd-sourced” maps to the automaker to support future autonomous driving.

“GM is committed to bringing semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles to our customers, and this technology will be a critical enabler to getting us there,” Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president, said in a statement.

“We are planning to explore the integration of REM into existing GM program launches sometime later this year.”

According to the automaker, Mobileye’s sensors can create real-time “high-definition” lane data and landmark recognition information at roughly 10 KB per kilometer.

That’s uploaded through OnStar to draw detailed, continuously updated maps.
Autonopods will use that information later to determine just where in the hell to take you while you’re watching Netflix and not paying attention to where you’re being driven.
Source: The Truth About Cars