The Advantages of Computerized Tire Balancing

If you want to get the best performance out of your tires, it’s wise to make sure that your wheels are balanced. This not only ensures a smooth ride, but it also extends the life of your tires by helping them wear more evenly. When your wheels aren’t properly aligned, you not only place unnecessary stress on your tires, but you also put your safety at risk.

Your tires can easily become unbalanced under normal driving conditions. Something as seemingly insignificant as driving on an uneven road surface or running over a pothole can throw your tires off balance, causing them to wear faster than they should. Getting your tires balanced can ensure consistent performance and wear, and getting them balanced by professionals who are trained in computerized balancing is one of the best decisions you can make.

A computerized balancer is a highly accurate machine that senses weight distribution imbalances in a wheel assembly. In a perfect scenario, the tires and wheels should complement each other while maintaining an equal weight balance. But tires and wheels are rarely perfect, and even a slight difference in weight distribution throughout the assembly can have an impact on your car’s performance. By identifying imbalances and differences, a computerized tire balancer helps a mechanic know exactly which areas need attention and how they should be fixed.

AA Muffler & Brakes is the only automotive repair shop in the Brighton area that offers computerized balancing services. Our highly trained professionals use this advanced system to ensure that your car always provides you with a safe and smooth driving experience. If you’re noticing vibrations in your brake pedal, a rougher than usual ride, or your car is pulling to one direction, let us show you how our computerized balancing system can make a difference. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!