Why Should You Rotate Your Tires?

As a car owner, there are many maintenance tasks you can perform to not only ensure that your car is safe to operate, but to also help you get the most out of your investment. Regular tire rotation is one such task, and while it can be easy to forget to do, it’s something that you should make a priority.

Your car’s tires usually wear unevenly. Because the front tires lean slightly when you turn, they tend to wear more quickly on the outer edges. The back tires typically just follow the course set by the front tires, so they often wear more evenly. If you never rotate your ties, the outer edges on your front tires will wear significantly faster than your rear tires and you will have to replace them thousands of miles sooner. Additionally, if your wheels aren’t properly aligned, your front tires can wear down even faster. Since new tires can be costly, forgetting to schedule regular tire rotation can be an expensive mistake.

During a tire rotation, the tires are removed from your car and placed in a different position. Each tire’s air pressure is also checked and adjusted to meet your car’s requirements. Also, since your brakes are easily visible during the rotation, mechanics can perform a quick check to ensure they are working properly.

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