Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is motorcycle awareness month, and as the weather is getting warmer the number of motorcycles on the roads will increase. Many motorcycle crashes occur as a result of being hidden in a vehicle’s blind spot, so it is extremely important for both motorcyclists and motorists to be aware of each other, not just this month, but every day.

AA Muffler & Brakes encourages everyone to always drive safe. In the spirit of Motorcycle Awareness Month, we have compiled some tips for drivers and motorcyclists to stay aware and safe this summer.


  • Leave extra room between your car and any motorcycle you are driving behind
  • Be extra cautious at intersections — many crashes happen when drivers don’t see a motorcyclist and turn left in front of them
  • Don’t share a lane with a motorcyclist, give them the full width of the lane


  • Avoid riding in bad weather like rain or fog
  • Try to stay out of a car’s blind spots when on the roads
  • Remember to use your turn signal for every turn and lane change