Green Auto Tips for Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day! At AA Muffler & Brakes we strive to do our part to help the environment; here are some quick tips for our customers on how regular vehicle maintenance and better driving habits can help the environment.

Keep your engine in tip-top shape!

Misfiring spark plugs can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency so bring your car into AA Muffler and Brakes for regular maintenance service.  

Do NOT ignore your Check-Engine Light

If you see your check-engine light on, bring your car into AA Muffler and Brakes for an inspection as it could indicate there’s something wrong with your engine or even your exhaust system. When exhaust systems are functioning as they should, the gases that are created as part of the fuel combustion process are safely processed and carried away from the vehicle. However, leaks in your exhaust system could cause your car to put out much more pollution than it normally would.  

Make sure your tires are properly inflated and aligned

Keeping your tires properly inflated and aligned reduces the amount of effort your engine has to put into accelerating, which in turn cuts down on your gas consumption, and extends the life of your tires. This not only saves you money, but it also helps out your local tire recycling centers. AA Muffler and Brakes can precision-balance your tires with our computerized balancing system, and we’ll check your front end alignment.

Hire a certified technician to handle your vehicle’s air conditioner

Older air conditioner models contain chemicals which can deplete our ozone. If your vehicle’s air conditioning unit needs to be serviced, make sure it is done by a certified technician as improper service will increase the risk of releasing those toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. AA Muffler and Brakes is your complete auto service center; stop in and let our technicians take of you!

Don’t speed or rapidly accelerate

Speeding and rapidly accelerating are two gas guzzling habits.

Clear your car of clutter

The more stuff you have in, and on top of, your car, the heavier it is. The heavier your car is, the harder your engine has to work to move it; lighter cars get better gas mileage.  

For the Do-It-Yourself-ers out there: Make sure you are properly disposing of engine fluids and batteries   

Improper disposal of engine fluids like antifreeze, and batteries, can harm the environment, pets, and yourself. Contact your local government to find out where your closest hazardous material drop-off center or recycling station is located.