Car Insurance Day

Let’s talk about car insurance — every car owners’ least favorite topic. We’re here to say that taking one day out of your year to look over your policy means you can relax and forget about it for the rest of the year. How awesome would that be? So let’s take a minute to learn about Car Insurance Day.


Car Insurance Day is an unofficial holiday, on February 4th, that serves as a reminder to review your current insurance policy. Pull out your policy, or bring it up on your computer, and make sure that your coverage is up to date. You can find this information on the front page of your policy, just look for the term dates. If you’re still covered, that’s great! If your policy is almost up, or you’re no longer covered, take the time to shop around and get some quotes. In fact, that’s a smart thing to do even if your policy is up to date. Your current situation may have changed throughout the year(s) and you could be paying more than you should.   


Believe it or not, you can make Car Insurance Day fun! No, really. Grab your documents and head on out to your favorite cafe. Treat yourself to a special drink and yummy snack, and browse the web to get a few quotes. You’d be surprised what kinds of policies and deals you can find! And here’s something not many people think about, do you know an insurance agent? Has you agent saved you money or helped you get through a rough claim? It’d be nice to send them a thank you. After all, insurance agents are people too.

This year, be open to building a relationship with your car insurance agent. You can learn a lot of useful things from them. Happy Car Insurance Day from AA Muffler and Brakes!