Don't be Spooked by Basic Car Care

Halloween is supposed to be scary—basic car care isn’t. Don’t shy away from giving your car the care it needs. The Car Care Council, a nonprofit dedicated to educating drivers about the importance of vehicle care, recommends that drivers follow a routine maintenance guideline to ease the fear of unexpected breakdowns and costs.

Our team at AA Muffler & Brakes will ensure you’re comfortable and aware of the care your vehicle needs and receives. Below we’ve listed some of the most basic car care guidelines to keep in mind while you’re planning your routine maintenance.

Oil Changes

If you have a newer vehicle, you can use the oil life monitor to indicate when you’re due for an oil change. Check the monitor regularly to have your car’s oil changed in a timely manner. Your vehicle’s owner manual also has recommended oil change intervals. When you get an oil change, keep a note of the milage to determine when your next one should be.

Routine Brake Checks

Common signs of less-than-normal brakes include squealing while braking, vibration on the steering while while stopping, a slower stopping time, metal on metal grinding, or odd smells while applying the brakes. If you’re experiencing any of the above signs don’t wait—take your car in to have your brakes inspected.

Tire Maintenance

Tires that are in good shape could save you money and prevent unsafe driving situations. Check your tire pressure as least once a month. Your vehicle’s owner manual will indicate the optimal PSI for your vehicle.

You should have your tires rotated regularly as it will maintain fuel efficiency and prevent irregular wear and tear. During an oil change, balance and alignment can be done to stop your tires from wearing out early.

Wiper Blades

As a rule of thumb, windshield wiper blades should be replaced in the spring and fall. If you’re experiencing streaking and unclear vision during drastic weather, replace them sooner.

Hoses and Belts

Check your hoses and belts once a month. If you don’t know how, take your car in and have it inspected. Replace hoses if they’re bulging, rotten, or brittle. Belts should be replaced if they’re worked, frayed, or glazed.

We know that car care isn’t for everyone. AA Muffler & Brakes will care for your vehicle and keep it operating in tip-top shape. Bring your car in the next time you feel frightened about basic car maintenance and we’ll get it taken care of.