Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summer is getting ever closer and, fortunately, that means we’ll finally have some warm weather here in Brighton! Unfortunately, driving without air conditioning in Michigan can be an uncomfortable experience, especially during hot summer days. It’s important to keep your A/C well maintained both for you and your car. Just like you depend on your car’s A/C to keep you cool during hot summer days, your car relies on its cooling system to keep it from overheating! 

The average four-cylinder engine creates up to 4,000 mini explosions each minute in order to create the energy necessary for your car to stay in motion. Those explosions also create a lot of excess heat. Your car depends on its cooling system to keep it from overheating. The A/C unit cools the air coming into your car using three main parts: the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. This system pumps antifreeze to the engine to absorb heat, then carries it to the radiator where it’s cooled off. Once cooled, the antifreeze is circulated back to the engine where it starts the cooling process all over again. 

We recommend bringing your car into AA Muffler & Brakes for an A/C inspection at least once a year to ensure everything is working as it should before the heat hits. Our staff will assess the cooling unit of your vehicle, including the compressor drive belt, the serpentine belt, and all accessible parts for cracks, leaks, or damage. If everything looks good, our technicians will remove the refrigerant from the A/C system, vacuum test it, and then recharge the A/C system with the appropriate refrigerant.
AA Muffler & Brakes does not recommend getting your cooling system serviced if leaks or damage are detected during inspection. If our technicians do find cracks, leaks, or any damage in your car’s air conditioning system, we will suggest what steps you can take to get your A/C repaired and running again.

Come to AA Muffler and Brakes for your next A/C inspection. We know how to help you keep your cool while driving!