National Car Care Month

You’ve been driving your car in snow and ice all winter, so chances are it could use a little love. Every April, the Car Care Council observes National Car Care Month to bring attention to the importance of preventative maintenance and repair.

To ensure that your car is getting the care it needs, follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules and take it in if something feels off. We’ve mentioned this before, but routine care could eliminate costly surprises and keep your car running for many years.

Use National Care Care Month as an opportunity to take care of any issues that you might have ignored during the frigid winter months. The longer issues prevail, the more costly and damaging it could be. It’s also a great time to get your car ready for spring and summer. Spring brings new driving hazards like rain and slick, wet roads. Prepare your car for these driving conditions by updating old tires, replacing bad brakes, and changing your windshield wipers.

When you’re searching for a place to take your vehicle for preventative maintenance or repairs, we hope you choose AA Muffler & Brakes. Our knowledgable technicians can tackle any issue with ease and efficiency. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!