Review Your Policy, It's Car Insurance Day!

Car Insurance Day is a day observed every February as a reminder to review your current car insurance policy. We know—car insurance isn’t the most exciting topic to talk about. We’re also willing to bet that reviewing your current policy is low on your list of priorities. However, if you take one day out of your year to look over your coverage, you can happily relax and forget about it until next year.

Put aside some time today to pull out your policy and make sure it’s up to date. Take a look at the term dates on the front page to ensure you’re still covered. If you discover your policy is almost up or you no longer have coverage, shop around and request a quote or two. You circumstances may have changed since you last checked, so looking for a new policy could get you a better rate than you currently have!

Car Insurance Day doesn’t have to be a drag. Pack up your documents and visit your favorite place or treat yourself to something delicious. Today is also the perfect day to celebrate any insurance agent that has helped save you money or get you through a rough claim. Send them a thoughtful thank you to let them know that they’re appreciated. A little thank you would go a long way!

Just remember—if you take one day out of your year to look over your documents, you can forget about it until the following year. Taking the time to review your car insurance policy now could save you time and trouble in the future.